Bullshit Fuckery

Okay so hey wassup.

Nothing in my life has been interesting enough to write about. Just working and that’s it. But I’ll vent about that later in this post.

I have plans to go look at two venues on Saturday and I am SO excited! Ian won’t be able to make it cause he has to study for exams that are next week, but we will probably have dinner or something. I have not seen my boo in a MONTH! That definitely takes a toll. But I am taking a vacation day for the 15th & 16th and I will be with him from Valentine’s Day through Sunday thank God!!!

Everything else has been normal pretty much. I’m starting the gallon of water a day and it’s a pain in the ass to be honest. Also, I have given out 3/5 of my bridesmaids boxes and I do plan to show you what i’ve done with that!

Okay now work: if it had not been for saving up for a damn car!!!!!!!! I work with morons. And it’s getting harder every single day to keep my mouth shut. But yeah I don’t want to get into details. But basically the people I work with are still in high school and they love that drama shit. FUUUUUCK!

But so far on the car situation I have $1,000 so I am halfway there! Lately i’ve been wanting to start a YouTube channel or a podcast. Just to get into a hobby. I don’t know though.

Anyways, hope you all are having a great week! Talk to you soon hopefully!


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