Okay! Seriously! I’m fucking engaged!!!!

I knew this was coming but not this soon! I went to go see my boyfriend (past tense 😉) this weekend, and he picked me up on Friday. While we were driving to his town, he was talking about how he wanted to get me a nice dinner and that he wanted me to dress up nice for Saturday and all that. I told him I didn’t pack any makeup or nice clothes and he got low key mad that I didn’t and told me that he wanted to take me to the lake. Also, I was gonna bring our dog but she got her first period (yay can’t wait to get her fixed).

I felt that he was gonna propose there. But anyways, we got to his house and his roommate was at this party that we might have gone to. He ordered me a pizza and he turned off all the lights and lit up candles saying that it was “romantic n shit” while watching malificent (don’t know if I spelled that right?).

I got my pizza from papa johns (shoutout to you bro) and once I opened it I got a slice and ian told me to look at the box and it had a heart drawn on it. After I was done with my first slice, I closed the box and watched the movie more. I turned to ian and saw his eye sort of tear up and I knew something was going on.

He left and went out to his car then went and opened his back door and told me to call Nova, his roommates dog. Which is the cutest and sweetest German Shepherd by the way, besides my dog. And I call Nova and she walks up to me wearing this:

shocked and surprised. Ian walks in and as he kneels he says "I love you so much" and asks me to marry him. I say yes and we kiss for 10 minutes and he says "Are you gonna put it on?!?!" And I tell him "NO, YOU ARE!"

So we FaceTime friends and family and they are ALL excited. His friends were so excited lol. And I called my mom, obviously. Then my best friends and they were all so happy.

We then went to the party where all his friends were and they all hugged and high fives us and asked to see the ring (GUY FRIENDS lol). I'm happy they all love me. And then we took celebratory shots, of course. And I asked one of his friends to take pics of us, duh.

so shocked but so damn happy. We've talked about our future and marriage (we knew we were gonna get married), but it's just so weird that I AM ENGAGED?!?!?!

But yeah, that was my MAGICAL weekend ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I am so happy and excited to marry and start a future family with this man. He treats me so well and is just as dorky as I am, that's all i've ever wanted. And I CANNOT WAIT TO PLAN THIS WEDDING!!!!

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