Okay so I guess I have a lot to catch you guys up on???

Okay so I got another promotion (AND A RAISE FINALLY!!!!!). I’m very happy working in my department and I just love to work with people who actually do their jobs. So i’m pretty pumped that my resume is gonna look kickass now, especially now that I work in the business office.

My work BFF got laid off and it’s sad. Around work there is no one else to bitch to and i’m pissed about that, we all deserve an equally bitchy coworker. But we have been hanging out and I took her out on her 21st birthday!

Also, I went to my bf’s and his roommates Halloween party! It was pretty fun. I didn’t get that drunk, just to the point to where I got tired and decided to go to sleep. I wanted to get laid but eh whatever.

Buuuut here are our costumes

I was Robin Sparklea from How I Met Your Mother (they took it off of Netflix and i’m pretty pissed. And ian was one of the Step Brothers characters lol)

Alsooooo I lost my keychain ring that ian gave me over a year ago. I don’t know if I told you guys about it?? But i’m gonna say it anyways. Last October I stayed at ian’s place for the first time. (Sidenote: we usually meet halfway to meet with my mom to pick me up. We live about 2 1/2 hours away).

When he opened the car door I saw two keychain rings on the seat and I was making fun of him cause i’m a bitch. He then put one on my ring finger. And I just happened to never take it off.

Yesterday I went out to the post office & bank and came back to work. Once I got back up to my cubicle, I noticed that my ring was gone. Not gonna lie, I wanted to cry hard. I did cry a little last night honestly.

But yeah that’s my life so far. It’s been pretty good!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day!


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