I have an amazing work ethic (I have a huge ego in that). What I can’t stand are people who don’t. And that is what i’m going to discuss today 🙂

Also side note: I got my new glasses yesterday and THEY CUTE AS FUCK!

Anyways, there is this coworker of mine that works in editorial that has no business working there. Or even at my work at all. All she does is TALK.

Within ONE WEEK, we’ve lost $339 (plus another $244 obit that was never paid for that she ran anyways in July) because of her. She doesn’t do her job. Obituaries are her number one priority of her job. THEN she does her bullshit “reporter” job. 

I documented everything. Printed out every email. And gave it to my coworker in my department. She then talked to our general manager and he was LIVID. 

He talked to her manager and basically she stuck up for her saying how she already has so much going on reporting wise. But that’s not her fucking priority. Obituaries are!!!! 

She didn’t give a fuck and told another coworker that basically. 

So yeah, i’m pissed. Cause if she doesn’t do her job, it makes me look like i’m not doing mine. I had to rant cause this is ridiculous.

But I am just going to keep documenting everything.  

Hope you all are having a good day!


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