On Sunday my boyfriend, Ian, got back from deployment! And fuck i’m so happy. 

So I drove up to his base (using my gps) for about 2 1/2 hours. It led me to the main gate of the base, of course. I drove up and this guy came out and I explained that I didn’t know where the visitors center was and he gave me street directions (I suck at directions). Ian’s roommate luckily was behind me so we turned around and drove back to the visitors center. 

So I followed him and we got onto base! It’s so damn intimidating and scary to go on base. More so towards the getting onto base part. But I got my pass and he led me and Ian’s mom where they would land!

Ian’s mom and I stood outside (IN ARKANSAS HEAT) for about an hour. Right at 4 o’clock, four planes flew right above us and did some fancy ass flying. It took about twenty minutes for them to get off the plane and I saw him immediately. I walked up to him (would have ran but my sandals be SLIPPIN) and gave him a huge kiss and a hug. It felt so good to have him in my arms. 

We then waited outside for ANOTHER HOUR talking. We then went to Texas Roadhouse with his mom, roommate and a few buddies. 

Once we got to his place his room was a MESS. Packages everywhere! We opened them up and there was one specific package he was looking for. A WHIP. (Indiana Jones type whip, not the bad kind just fyi)

So he and his buddies played outside with the whip for an hour lol. I’m dating a child . He was so excited about it (more than seeing me I think? Lol)

Monday he had to work. I read a lot of homecoming blog posts to prepare me lol. He went to work at 8 and got back at 1 and we are Papa Johns for lunch. After that he and I went to go see his family. I love his family so much, they’re just so sweet. 

Today, Tuesday, we went and saw IT. It was fucking AMAZING! It was better than the original to me. It was just so FUCKING GOOD! 

After that, he took me home. It’s crazy. No matter how long I stay with him it just seems so short. Hopefully I’ll get a damn car soon so I can finally move in with him. 

But yeah that was my amazing weekend! I’m so glad he is home and safe. And I tried not to be a bitch since he wanted to sleep so much lol. (Thank you to the homecoming posts!) 

I also forgot how comfortable his bed was. UGHHHHHHHH I wish I had a comfy bed at home! Lol

Hope you all had a good weekend and a good week so far!


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