~fun weekend~

More like fun Saturday. Today I am ATTEMPTING to clean my room and do laundry that really needs to be done. Yesterday I went to Hot Springs, AR and my boyfriend’s sister’s daughter’s birthday party lol (handful). 

First, my mom and I picked up my sis from her college. She’s a freshman this year. And yeah, from the picture, we do not look alike. 

She was already in a pissy mood, but because I have such a ~charming~ personality, she is got in a better mood. Being with my family is so fun, we have no filter. 

We went to Hot Springs, Arkansas to get lunch: PIZZA. Pizza is just something God made from his own warm loving hands. It’s great. Unless you get Ceasars pizza. It’s a good cheap option, but still. 

We went to Deluca’s Pizza, which was fucking AMAZING. It was actually on the Food Network for the best pizza in Arkansas! It was pretty good, but my favorite so far in AR is Dam Good Pies. But this pizza was still pretty badass. The sauce on the pizza was amazing. If you ever go to Hot Springs, definitely go here. 

I actually ordered the pizza on the phone and the lady was nice. Once we got there, it took about 10 minutes for someone to actually talk to us. I work in customer service for an hour of the day so I can understand. They were probably out back smoking or something but still? But they were nice when they talked to us! 

The Arlington is located in Hot Springs as well! It is supposedly haunted by Al Capone. If I were a ghost, I’d be pissed to die and have to haunt and Arkansas hotel. I want to stay there though, of course. I love that shit.

But also: Okay so I live in Arkansas. There’s this town called Camden that is near where I live. There was this woman that was from Camden and she was a lawyer I think? that knew Al Capone and was against him and knew deep details about him. And one day she completely disappeared. Like her car was still at the house and the tv was on. Nothing was damaged or anything. You should look it up, it’s pretty interesting! 

There’s also this story about a girl in my hometown (or a town nearby) that was at the grocery store and completely vanished as well. Her car was still in the parking lot but she was no where to be found. 

I love this sort of stuff. I actually bought Jeffrey Dahmers old somewhat high school friends book “My Friend Dahmer.” I am really interested in that sort of stuff. It was a creepy and interesting book. 

Actually a couple weeks ago I went into our “Dungeon” at work to look for our articles of when he was caught and here is what I found: 

The crazy thing to me is that it wasn’t on the front page??? It’s so big. I am gonna research Ted Bundy and Charles Manson at some point. My sister actually has the book about the friend that worked with Ted Bundy at the suicide hotline. I really want to read it! And i’m gonna look back on the articles we have about them. 

I also went to the birthday party to see my boyfriends family. It was really nice to see them again. And I went down a water slide, I wish my parents spoiled me like that as a kid! Lol. It was a lot of fun though. His family got to meet mine. 

But yeah that was my weekend basically, my boyfriend will be here soon so i’m excited. And he SHAVED HIS MUSTACHE OFF!!! I’m so happy lol. Hope you all are having a great weekend! 


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