Shitty life update

I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks cause life has just been so fucking shitty lately. I don’t know what or why it is, but every time something seems almost perfect something worse comes along. I’ve been so stressed and depressed lately. 

My dad got laid off his job, so that is really going to make my family suffer until he finds something new (and soon hopefully). I’m thinking about getting a part time job for after my full time job. I’m just so sick and tired of being broke and sad about it constantly. And i’m trying to hard to get a car. 

I can’t even afford to get glasses so over a month my eyes have been straining causing me to get headaches. Life just sucks. 

Ian will be coming home soon so that’s basically the only thing I look forward to right now. But yeah there’s my shitty update. Hope you guys are doing better than I am! Lol

Oh also good updates: I got employee of the quarter, my sister went to college, my dog has a kennel now so my life is better because of that, bought new clothes and shoes, ANNNNNND MY ACNE IS BASICALLY GONE!!!! Lolol 

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