Scary night

Okay so a couple years back my uncle came to visit me and my family. That night he slept on our living room bed, and he was still awake at this point. 

I was dead ass asleep and all I can remember while waking up is this bright headlight coming into my window. There is this huge pounding at my door (we have a regular door then a metal outside door). 

All I can hear is “Help me! Help me! He’s coming for me!” And I hear screaming as I hear her being dragged from my house door. 

I am shaking like crazy and I immediately phone the police (i’m 19 or 20 at this point). And it was just so scary to talk to the station, cause of how serious this was. They said they would be on their way.

My uncle opened the house door and the man immediately ran away to his truck and let the girl into our house. She was shaking and crying. And my entire family (except my sister) was awake.

We asked what happened and she said that she and her husband got into a fight at a party and then they both left. They kept fighting and she got out of the truck and started walking. He then started racing to get to her and she started running to my house, which still had our porch light on. 

She came to our house since she thought we were still awake, and she banged on our door and cried for help. Her husband then dragged her off the door and then immediately started punching her everywhere, including the face. 

The police came and asked for his information and she told them that she didn’t want her husband to get arrested since they have a kid together. This boiled my blood and I told her (not my right to say, but still) that why would you want to be married someone that beats you in front of their child? What is that going to teach them?

She then left for the night and i’ve creeped her on Facebook a few months after that (and she was still with him). It’s just disappointing to see.

I thought about this tonight after a headlight shined through my window, they came into my driveway then pulled out. Ever since that experience, i’ve been afraid and got a mini heart attack when people come into my driveway at night. 

All I wanted to say to women AND men: you are so much more than what you think you are worth. I can’t imagine being in your footsteps, but think about yourself, your life, your CHILDREN. That’s negative life will never be worth it. And I hope someday you realize that and you will get help. 

There are organizations and therapies that can help you. Nobody deserves to be emotionally, verbally or physically abused. It is completely disgusting of what people are capable of. And I wish the best for you, and if you read this and you are in this situation, I am here to listen and talk. 

I never want anybody to be hurt. Nobody deserves that. 

But also: All in all, i’m so glad we had our porch light on. What if she went to somebody else’s house and they didn’t answer? In this world it’s scary to trust people nowadays. But sometimes i’m glad we take that chance. 


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