Unicorn Man

I love fucking with my dad. It is so easy to get a rise out of him. I love him, of course, but it’s so funny to do pranks on him. And I will forever prank him. 

A prank i’ve done once before was priceless. My dad hates James Blunt (poor guy). He just despised that song “You’re Beautiful) and he would complain about it a shit ton. So one time I printed off a bunch of pics of James Blunt and put it all around the house. His reaction was amazing. 

So this guy right here: 

I would prank my dad with this guy (he has many other images as well, there great. Check it out) by putting them on his desktop and phone background ever since I was about 17 (i’m 22 now). So for last Christmas I decided to do ~something~ with this guy right here. 

Well I did. And it was amazing. 

I have the video of his reaction on my old phone which is amazing as hell, but since i’m a poor hoe i’m not gonna upgrade to put it on here. I might do it at a later time when i’m more motivated with blogging, but here is what I bought him.

And no, he has never, and WILL NEVER, drink out of this mug. But I have happily drank my coffee out of this wonderful mug from time to time. 

Hope you enjoyed & are having a great day!


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