My dog is a pain in the ASS

I’m back! I’ve just been very emotional lately and work and blah blah, etc. my dog has been a big part of my stress lately. 

This is Dundie when my boyfriend and I just got her. The pic is from her first vet visit. She is cute as hell and sweet as shit.


Then: when ian went to deployment I brought dundie home until he gets back. My mom stayed home (now she has a job) and she would take care of her during the day. She was potty trained and was a pretty good dog and she would listen. 

NOW: Every fucking morning, as I leave for work, there is shit EVERY WHERE. CONSTANT SHIT. EVERY MORNING. I always take her out twice before I leave. If she gets scared she pees. She pees on the floor, on the couch, just anywhere besides grass. I have been hitting her lately (a recent thing. I don’t like to hit her but i’ve just had it) cause it’s an every day thing. Nothing is working. She ignores me when I call her. She doesn’t stop tormenting the other pets when I tell her to stop. 

I don’t know what the hell has happened with her. She is a fucking little demon now. I bought a kennel and a dog bed yesterday so that WILL help. She will just be whining all day. And I know she’s a puppy, but she should have acted this way when I first got her. Not the other way round. 

I am going insane over this dog. So there’s and update on my life 🙃

If anybody reads this and you have tips PLEASE HELP ME

4 thoughts on “My dog is a pain in the ASS

  1. When you say Kennel do you mean a crate?
    Look up rules for crate training a dog, easier to do when they are puppies and it works wonders, dogs generally will not soil their own beds. All of the dogs I have ever hand ended up loving their crates


    1. Yeah! I set one up a few weeks ago and it has helped so much. She pees in the crate when she is so excited whenever someone gets home. She has torn up the bed I bought for her, so I had to buy a new one lol. But the crate has helped so much!!! And at first she hated it but now she will go in there voluntarily

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      1. Keep persevering with the crate if you can, dogs do not like to soil their beds so she will get better and be able to hold her pee much better as she matures. In desperation there are such things as doggy diapers.
        While a bed is nice to put in a crate it is not needed, she will sleep on the floor of her crate quite okay especially while she is in the puppy stage of chewing things. She is a cutie!! look at those adorable eyes, how can you stay mad at that LOL


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