Late weekend update lol

So spontaneously my mom, sister and I went to Texarkana, TX on Saturday! My sister is going to college in the fall and they needed to get her ready and prepared. And I wanted to go along since I live in the most boring small ass town.

The first place we go is Target. Now I haven’t taken pictures of what I got yet but I’ll insert them later. For my anniversary with my bf I decided to get him Star Wars glass cups, Fallout glass cups, the starship from Star Wars cup holder mats for his car and a Spider-Man canvas for his future gaming room. So i’m pretty stoked about that!

Next, FOOD!!!!!!!!! My family and I went to Texas Roadhouse and it was my first time eating there, and I left stuffed and happy. The waitress was amazing (I always love good customer service). Obviously I had to have a margarita on a sunny day away from home. I also had grilled salmon, sautéed mushrooms and rice. It was pretty good! I’m not a fan of onions so I kinda stayed away from the rice.

Next we went to the mall! The mall is pretty bland and there’s nothing there. But: BATH AND BODY WORKS!!! I got two watermelon lemonade candles (they’re my fav). 

And we went to Ulta and Charming Charlie. If I had more money I would be spending them coins! 

So yeah that was my weekend! This coming up weekend is gonna be LIT! I’m going up to my old college town to visit a couple of my best friends so I will definitely be doing an update on that with lots of pictures!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


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