The closet

You see these beautiful stacks of newspapers, with labels on them for each day? Yes, I did that. I busted my ass for two weeks last year taking out every paper (before it was a complete mess and very disorganized), putting labels on every one of them and putting them in the closet neatly. 

Nowadays, people from different departments decide to go into our closet and mess it up. Not cool. Especially for the fact that Advertising has their own closet. Not my fault our closet is cooler. 

So yesterday a salesperson from Advertising went into our closet and completely destroyed a stack making it look awful. Once he left I told my department I was going to make a petty and obnoxious note to put on our closet. 

Today, I did it. And I feel great. Awesome. Amazing!! This paper (2 in fact for each door just in case they can’t see this) has now been put up. Enjoy

Is it obnoxious? Yes! Do I care? No. 

Be considerate of other people’s shit!!!

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