So I’ve been gone for a hot sec

I need to start uploading pics to my blog (this photo was taken a couple weeks ago but it’s basically my mood for this week) but my life is so damn boring. But here’s an update on my lame life:

I have had an acne breakout for the past week and a half, yay! No, not yay. At first I thought it was just from pms’ing but then it started to get worse, like, way worse. I usually have a clear face so I am not used to acne unless it’s that time of the month. The worst I had terrible acne (like the acne that are just bumps and hurt so bad. yeah those. picture them all up on your face) was Sophomore year of college due to stress. I’m pretty sure there is a part of stress due to my face right now, but it has to be something else? I changed my shampoo and conditioner cause I had just started using it around the time it got worse, and so far my face has gotten better. It isn’t amazing but there are not really any bumps on my face, just zits calming down.


On Wednesday, when my acne was getting better (but still looked like shit), I was locking up the doors at work and a coworker just kept staring at my face (no need for me to question cause my face UGLY). She proceeds to ask what was wrong with my face, if it was stress, breakout, allergic reaction, etc. I told her I wasn’t exactly sure, could be stress maybe but I’m stressed all the time. I have to add: This coworker is not the brightest, completely oblivious, and just says whatever comes to her mind without thinking. She then says, and I fucking quote, “Oh well some people have been asking me about it and said it was the worst case of the measles.” Yup, that happened. At this point I was already having a shit day at work, and this didn’t help whatsoever.

As soon as she left I started bawling my eyes out. I was already feeling like shit about my face; it did not look good. And already (I don’t have an ego at all so don’t take it that way lol) I am the “pretty girl” at work, so for someone to say that to my face it hurt really bad. So just a PSA to everyone: Don’t be a fucking asshole and state the obvious. People are most critical on themselves and they know everything bad about them. ESPECIALLY A FUGLY BREAKOUT ON THEIR FACE!!!!!!!

So yeah that has been the mood of my week. I’m going to the movies tonight to see Atomic Blonde with a coworker and I can’t wear makeup (or it’s gonna be cakey with a bunch of zits underneath that people can see anyways). And already I know that I am going to see everybody I graduated with and my ex out in public cause I’m ugly as hell right now.

But, I bought a few lush products and I’m very excited about that! And it’s about to be my one year anniversary with my boyfriend and he mailed four packages for me to open on August 13th (Our anniversary). It’s bugging the shit out of me cause I wanna open them so bad!!!!!!!!! I also bought myself a couple of dresses so I’ll TRY** to do a haul once I get them and my lush stuff. When I’m sad I buy myself things lol.

There’s my update, hope you are all having a better week than I am lol. And THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!


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