Our 11 months today 😍 The Office Care Package!!!!

Okay so I was gonna wait until tomorrow to post this, BUT I CAN’T wait!!! Okay so my boyfriend, Ian, and I met over Tinder (lol). We bonded over The Office so HARD. It’s our favorite show ever and it’s the first show we watched together. 

Now he is on deployment for four months (2 months in Germany done and now he’s in Africa for 2 months). So I decided to give him an OFFICE THEMED CARE PACKAGE!!!! I looked up care packages on Pinterest and blah blah. They were too girly and I just wanted something that HE would like! So I decided The Office! 

(Also, he wants me to wait until he gets back in September cause he said it would take too long to get there. So let’s pretend i’m sending this shit tomorrow) 

Okay so I printed out a bunch of funny quotes from the show. Mostly some of michael being over dramatic cause same. 
Here they all are cut up! I used sticker paper. If you’re gonna do something like this MAKE SURE THEY AREN’T LABELS!!! Cause that’s something I would totally do lol.

One flap of the box done! I thought it would be a lot harder but it’s really not with the spacing!

And here is his watermelon juice. I’m dating a 12 year old, I swear. Lol. (And please notice that I wrote a squiggly mark on the cans lol) I never took Spanish so sorry if I offend those who know it! 

And last picture! He’s so annoying when he stares at my forehead! Lol
But yeah that’s my care package for him! I have to finish the other flaps and do more boxes for him! Hope you Office fans enjoy! Lol 

*EDIT* I forgot the coolest part! These letters will come with every box! Gonna change the date though lol 


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