D I E T ?

It’s July and I still haven’t worked on my “summer bod.” And I’m tired of looking like Java the Hut every day. So I thought that I should start drinking only water (Try a gallon everyday?), start walking 2-6 miles everyday and exercise in my room. Cause I’m a poor bitch trying to save up for a car to get a gym membership. Although, I am going to the tanning salon today to start getting ~tan~ again. I’m tired of the self tanner stuff, it’s too sticky for me. And with big boobs, not a fun time with boob sweat.

But I am starting off with just water everyday (NO BEER!!!!!!!) and walking. And I feel like if I’m tan again I’ll be more motivated? I get insecure being chubby and pale at the same time.

But I have been a terrible doggy mom; I’ve only taken my dog on a walk twice? Well I’m about to make it up to her now! Lol

Also: A major reason why I want to lose weight is to lose my chest weight and to tone up my body. So hopefully this goes well! I was actually thinking of starting a youtube channel. No idea yet, cause I bitch and complain a lot.

But the other day I got ink and sticker paper for my printer and I printed a bunch of stuff out for the deployment boxes! And I bought a bunch of food and drinks as well. At some point this weekend I will be starting filling them up.

ALSO: Breaking Bad – HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!! How am I now watching this show? This is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. I’m on season 4 and I’m already depressed knowing I have one more season left. What will I watch next? Probably the Office.

But anyways, just wanted to give an update to the 0 views I have ❤


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