Here I am sitting at my desk, dying of boredom. I have been working this position for about three weeks, being promoted from my old job. Two different departments, same old doing nothing. I have been done since 1:30, it’s now 3:06. During my free time I am on Pinterest looking at fun stuff I’ll probably never do, or I’m talking to my boyfriend.

But that’s the thing, why do we look at the things in life that we are interested in and we decide not to do it because we “think” we will be average or terrible at it? I wish I had that positive attitude where “YAY I CAN DO ANYTHING!” but, bullshit.

I mean, I went to college for fashion and graphic design. I am a creative person, just a very doubtful one at that. Looking through everybody’s creations and it’s just…How the fuck do you create that!?

So basically the ending to my nagging story/update/whatever is that I am going to start doing fun stuff that I’ve always wanted to do. And hopefully I will be able to share that on here!

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